Champions of Sport

A Celebration of the Human Spirit - this national campaign, with support from such organizations as the National Hockey League, the National Coaches Association and the White House Commission on Physical Fitness, will help rejuvenate fair play-- and raise the standards of ethics in America's sports... its culture... and its future. 


The Pavilion.  A 21st Century Multiplex Lifestyle Center

                    Live Long.  Live Smart. Celebrate life. 

In the 'create a better world' tradition of the great World's Fairs of the past, The Pavilion is a unique, 21st century lifestyle center which delivers the best that science and humanity have to offer. to enable people to live fuller, richer lives. 

Part next generation health club, part integrative health center, part learning center and part social hub, The Pavilion delivers an immersive, exhilarating experience -- complete with an upscale, organic cafe and wine bar, a 'smart living' learning and conference center, and much more. It's a home away from home where friends can meet -- to rejuvenate their bodies, stimulate their minds, and nourish their souls.

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Slide Deck for Interested Parties

Original Pavilion Promotional Video - 7 Minutess [HD]

The Science of BioGeometry: One Facet of The Pavilion (r)evolution  12 Min. video clip

Pavilion Management and Advisors

Pavilion Overview - April 2015

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BioGeometry: A Key to Solving our Most Pressing Challenges -- PDF

Earth Chronicles: The Documentary Series (Click for more information)

This must-see television series, being developed around the prophetic and controversial research of biblical archeologist and translator,Zecharia Sitchin, establishes unconventional truths by tracing mankind’s origins to the stars - as the progeny of an extra-terrestrial race who established colonies on Earth eons ago.  Believe it or not.... you're going to want to know more!



10-Minute Cures TM  (Click for more information)

This series is being developed in conjunction with Dr, Mark Wiley, celebrated author, speaker, and Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  Why?  Because 85% of doctor's visits can be avoided just by knowing some health basics!

In 10-Minute Cures, learn which folk remedies and traditional therapies actually work... and how you can cure certain ailments simply by eating the right foods.  Cayenne pepper, for example, can bring down a fever and help clear up a cold.  Under Dr. Wiley's expert (and humorous) bedside manner, you will learn exactly what works and what doesn't and come away with many simple cures to the common health issues that plague all of us.... like back and joint pain, indigestion, and stress.





NHTSA Officer Safety Spots - 9 /2013   4 minutes

Tourettes Syndrome (Spanish Version)  17 Min. WMV

Medicare Program - Final Mp4

Close the Loop - Final

DWI / Traffic Stop Promo 2

Without helmets, we all Pay the Price - short version 9 min

Gardasil Primer  9 Min

NRG medicine science

Pub Bias TM Abbreviated



Matrix Energetics - PROMO   Part I (14 minutes - draft)

Matrix Energetics - "Two-Point" 

Matrix Energetics - Testimonials (8 min)

Revolution Photoshop Artwork 65 mb

Interview proof (audio only) Andrew - 75 Min.

Bethesda Green Gala Master - Revised

Archival - Metallurgy plus...

Dr. Anderson Interview

P-Times Spring 2013 Message -- Grapek MP4 - 30 Min.

Kathryn Serkes soundbite for Pavilion

BioGeometry 'Cube' video clip

Art Matters - 5 minutes (Best Viewed Using Quick Time)

Cow$piracy Highlights - 18 minutes

Pavilion Components - jpeg

BFI Challenge Video Supplement

Monroe H-sync sample

BG PowerPoint for Dallas Intro Lecture