Secrets of the Warrior's Power

Secrets of the Warrior's Power was conceived, produced and directed by Jim Grapek and became one of the Discovery Channel's top-rated documentaries. Winner of numerous awards, Discovery's Executive Producer hailed the script as "one of the best to ever cross his desk.   Video Clip ( Broadband )

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ADD-ADHD Smart Solutions: Ways to Improve Your Child’s Behavior

A refreshing look at how simple changes in one’s diet can dramatically affect your child’s health and behavior. A must see for everyone – this highly acclaimed video is available in the API store.
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Conscious Acts of Creation

In this amazing program, akin in content to Nova’s “The Elegant Universe”, Stanford Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller, one of the physicists in "What the Bleep Do We Know", makes a convincing case for the convergence of modern science and spirituality...and for a broader understanding of physics that accounts for 'human intention.' 

“We are all potential avatars,” says Tiller, “capable of performing what we used to think of as miracles”
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Nextel: The Future of Wireless Communication

This program, shot on film and boasting exceptional computer graphics, was produced for Nextel Communications to support their strategic Marketing and development efforts.
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Runaway Youth

A multiple festival winner produced for The National Association of Social Workers, this public service announcement won numerous awards, proof that a simple concept, well executed, can be very powerful.
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"Dear President Bush"

API produced its own series of public service announcements that aired in July 2001 before the Kyoto Protocol climate talks in Bonn, Germany. Jim Grapek produced these spots as a parent, featuring his two daughters, to address this most serious of environmental threats. 

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Close the Loop: Recycling in Montgomery County

Produced for Montgomery County, Maryland, this program (in both English and Spanish) highlights how four innovative companies in the country are managing their recycling programs.  Because recycling is the law in Montgomery Country, every business opening in the country will receive a copy of the program and is required to comply with the law. 



Medicare is on your side

  (Spanish Production - 2011, 7:30 TRT)

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