Jim Grapek - Senior Producer and Creative Director

As an award-winning documentary filmmaker, Jim has overseen the production of hundreds of diversified programs - for business, government and broadcasters - many of them in the area of health and wellness. He also wrote, produced and directed The Secrets of the Warrior's Power, the first martial arts program ever to air on the Discovery Channel One of Discovery's highest rated specials, Black Belt magazine praised the show as "one of the best documentaries ever on Chinese kung fu".


Currently, Grapek and his American/Canadian team are raising funds for Revolution: A 3D IMAX Motorcycle Adventure. Revolution mirrors, in some ways, author Robert Pirsig's ground-breaking book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in that it uses the motorcycle as a vehicle to examine our world, and our relationships. The film also touches on the latest discoveries in physics  - discoveries which offer new solutions to some of our most pressing challenges.  Could that 'brighter future' really lie just ahead?  It just may!


Jim has a BS in Communications from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, and a Masters degree from Cornell's Hotel School - which has been likened to a specialized MBA. Before moving into the production field, Jim managed the restaurant operations at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.


Jim still does plenty of cooking, holds two black belts in Asian martial arts, is an advocate for healthy, conscious living, and for creating a better health care system.  Jim is also father to two wonderful, Danish-American teenage girls.  "Those two", says Jim, "are without doubt my best productions ever".

  It's Time to Improve the End - a short, summer 2010 rant  (PDF - right click and choose 'Save As' to download)

  Making Sense of it All (PDF)  Jim's reflection on a world run amock

  What the Blazes is BioGeometry?  (and why should I care?)  (PDF)



Mark Wiley - Associated Producer, Writer, Assistant Director

As a member of The Associated Producers Group, Mark brings his passion for film and documentary media to every project - a passion that grew out of his admiration of filmmakers such as Akira Kurosawa, François Truffaut, and Wes Anderson. Along with Associated Producers, Mark has developed and will host a new TV series called, "10-Minute Cures!", and is working as an associate producer and script editor on "Revolution: A 3D Imax Motorcycle Adventure" Mark has also written a screenplay called "The Chinese Wiseguy" is it is currently being shopped around.


Writer, martial art master, multiple Hall of Fame nominee, and practitioner of Oriental and alternative medicine, Mark Wiley became a doctor in order to cure himself of a lifetime of debilitating pain and suffering that started when he was a child. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan to conduct field research on traditional and holistic healing modalities.


In addition to writing 400 articles, Mark has published 10 books, most notably "Filipino Martial Culture," and "Outwitting Headaches," and has written entries for "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Body-Mind Disciplines" and "Encyclopedia of World Sport." His new books, "Heal Yourself Now" and "The Headache Cure" currently are being shopped to publishers. He has served as Executive Editor for Tuttle Publishing; Managing Editor for Unique Publications and Multi-Media Books; Associate Publisher of "Martial Arts Illustrated" magazine; Editor of "Martial Arts Legends" magazine; Associate Editor of "Journal of Asian Martial Arts" and FightingArts.com; Group Publisher and Product Development Manager of Agora Health; Editorial Manager of The Healthy Back Institute; and as Medical Writer for HealUSA.net and Personal Liberty Digest.